SOPI Schedule and Instructions

SOPI Schedule and Reports

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SOPI Instructions


SOPIs are conducted in the Digital Language Lab on the second floor of Meyer Library.

The SOPI (Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview) and the WPA (Writing Proficiency Assessment) are language assessments carried out by the Stanford Language Center, designed to measure the oral and writing proficiencies of students who take first- and second-year (and some third-year) -LANG courses. Both assessments measure what students can do functionally with the language, and consist of real-life speaking and writing tasks.

The SOPI takes 25-45 minutes to complete and is given in the language lab; the WPA, 30-45 minutes, in the regular classroom. Each is given during a regular class hour. Tasks are similar to the types of hands-on speaking and writing activities students routinely do in and for class throughout the quarter, since these reflect the functional objectives of the course.

For that reason, the best way to prepare is to practice those objectives through regular and active participation in your language course. Some SOPI and WPA tasks will be easier, others more challenging. Regardless, the important thing is to:

Speak as much and as well as you can, and show what you can do.

Write as much and as well as you can, and show what you can do.

Make-up tests

If an instructor has a student who cannot attend the SOPI scheduled for his/her section, the easiest solution is to find another time when the same test is being given. If that is not possible, then there is a make-up day on the very last day of the testing period. In either case, students and instructors should NOT contact the ATS directly. Instructors should negotiate a time and day with the student and then notify the program coordinator with the student name, SUNetID, time/date attending, and the SOPI they will be missing. Program coordinators keep a list of all students in their programs who will be taking makeup tests and notify the ATS of these students. The ATS will keep these students in a separate calendar (linked at the top of this page) shared only with coodinators. It is important to note that the SOPI system is shut down at the end of the make-up day, so it is the final opportunity for students to take a SOPI.